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BIM Management

Complete suite of BIM services, including model creation, coordination, and management.

Our BIM management experts audit, certify or manage the project based on (but not limited to) ISO 19650 or the internal corporate BIM standards.

We work with our clients to manage their BIM project for every building type across design, construction and operation stages.

Our BIM management services provide you a multi-disciplinary team of certified BIM senior experts who support you on every step of your BIM transformation journey.

BIM Executions


BIM Coordination

Creation of three-dimensional information models of equipment, fittings and fittings (family catalogs) with the level of information detail (Level of Development - LOD) up to LOD-350.

Adaptation of existing 3D models of projects to the norms of the BIM standard.

Analysis and management of individual sections of the project in a single-space environment. 

Identification and elimination of conflicts, identification of technical inconsistencies with the technical task and errors in MEP sections.


BIM Support

Development of a customized BIM strategy for your organization in compliance with local or international BIM standards.​

Validation of key profitability terms and major quality drivers for BIM, and consulting to define the best-fit BIM strategy including roadmap and milestones for your BIM transformation.

Assessment of your current technology and I.T setup, provide advice on which BIM technologies will best drive productivity, quality, and profitability.

Technical, technological and financial analysis of different BIM ecosystems suitable for your projects such as native Revit (Autodesk) and/or Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), or COBie.


Running a design and engineering firm is challenging. Developing the best designs to attract customers and bring in new business while balancing efficiency and managing processes is no easy task. Devoting valuable employees to manage BIM and CAD, means fewer resources to apply to billable work. Ignoring the importance of BIM templates and guidelines or deploying essential software updates, hinders the team from working quickly and professionally.

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