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Fire safety strategy

From bigger-picture infrastructure advice and building safety auditing to the design and implementation of tailored protection systems, our fire safety engineering consultants can support with prevention, detection and evacuation solutions across any building or multi-site estate.


Our core objective is to provide strategic fire safety advice and develop fire safety strategies that satisfy the functional requirements of the building regulations. We provide solutions that represent a mix of best-practice, expert judgement and innovative fire engineering technologies.

Working closely with our wider multi-disciplinary teams (including structural engineersfaçade specialists) and teams across Europe allows us to develop flexible proposals that satisfy every individual client requirement. We maximise the value of a scheme whilst maintaining robust levels of fire safety based on a sound understanding of all the competing issues involved. This includes access to expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering and specialists in energy modelling and vertical transportation.


The development of a clear and coherent fire strategy demands specialist knowledge in all the key fire safety elements. With unrivalled international insights and specialisms we are able to consider the dynamics of fire and smoke, the behavior of occupants and the response of structural components to fire while also understanding fire-fighting practices and operational procedures. This appreciation is coupled with a thorough understanding of approved codes of practice and current engineering guidance together with international legislation.


Our expertise in Fire engineering

  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

  • Smoke Management and Control

  • Fire-Fighting Access and Facilities

  • CFD Analysis

  • Fire Dynamics

  • Sprinkler Protection

  • Occupant Behavior

  • People Movement

  • Active Fire-Fighting Systems

  • Fire Suppression System


Our engineers provides guidance to its clients in solving complicated fire and life safety issues, to allow them to incorporate their desired design features and operational functionality, through our knowledge of current and upcoming changes to local requirements. We assist our client to achieve their target through using alternative design methods such as performance based design analysis.

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