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KAAN is committed to supporting and contributing to the digital, modern, and urban transformation. To fulfill that, we offer a wide range of services to our clients helping them prepare better for the inevitable digital era with urban planning, strategy, and urban designing. The world is moving fast towards technology and we ensure that our urban planning solutions are up-to-date and technological sound. Our vision is to build genuinely smart cities that fulfill all the needs of the citizens. KAAN’s urban planning services will keep your business stay ahead of the curve.

Development Planning

As a part of developmental planning, we help our clients smoothly traverse the regulatory process and ensure institutional success. We endeavor to perform that by our in-house dedicated planners to work towards finding a commercial and sustainable strategy.

Land use studies

We provide our clients with a new and comprehensive approach to optimize land use and the commercials involved. We are thorough in performing land use studies to capitalise on market opportunities but also doing it responsibly and sustainably.


Delivering sustainable solutions that will meet the requirements of the modern population as well as are environment-friendly are the prerequisite of all our projects in designing cities, towns, and building communities. We are people-centric and environment-centric. Our team includes some innovative minds & industry experts with years of hands-on experience in the sector. We understand the vision of our clients behind every project and work relentlessly to fulfill it. Our work involves master planning, strategizing, managing, designing, and construction across various sectors.


KAAN provides a full range of land use planning services and has the ability to bring your ideas to reality. KAAN takes pride in maintaining the highest professional profile while attaining the ultimate goal of completing projects on time and within budget. KAAN’s considerable knowledge of local and regional land use regulations enables the firm to successfully negotiate for reduced governmental requirements on a project substantially lowering costs.

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