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Enabling people and freight to get to where they need to go

Transport is central to providing access to opportunities, supporting growth and creating more sustainable environments. Our transport planning consultancy experts understand the need to respond to the demands of people, places and movement to deliver better transport networks, smarter links and ‘sharable’ streets that improve the quality of life for everyone.


Constraints and opportunities were used to identify locations for bridges, roads and cycleways that delivered project objectives, linking adjacent sites and complementing other investments and strategies 

We bring our transport planning expertise to all forms of property and infrastructure development, covering energy generation, residential, commercial, sporting, leisure, health and educational land uses. Through creative and sustainable solutions we deliver shared value for our client and the communities in which we operate.

interior-parking-garage-with-car-vacant-parking-lot-parking-building (1).jpg

Universal approach – we approach roads with a universal view, understanding that every project is different with various requirements and diverse challenges. We understand that rural roads present unique challenges with environmental impact, sustainability and earthworks, while urban roads present further and more complex challenges with physical constraints, existing utilities and constructability.

Now more than ever, our roads form one part of a more integrated transport system, connecting to other modes including public transportation and shared-use areas dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists.


At KAAN, we recognise the potential of new and emerging technologies and the importance of considering what tomorrow’s roads will look like so we can plan and design roads of the future. Roads of the future will include traditional transportation types, mixed with driverless modes offering multiple service offerings, reliability, improved safety and a different ownership model to today.


KAAN also provides trip generation studies, parking studies, and traffic modeling in association with the local, county, and state land development approval process for land uses such as retail, institutional (e.g. colleges, universities, elementary and secondary education, hospitals), industrial, residential, and office developments.

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